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Department of Justice corrupt and murderous culture.


Non-catastrophic but life-destroying consequences of corrupt DOJ personnel.


Efforts to silence the corruption-fighter by coalition of DOJ personnel and federal judges.


Corrupt acts by federal judges.


Justices of U.S. Supreme Court as repeat enablers.


Examples of catastrophic consequences for the American people.


50-year history of aviation disasters starting with the "tombstone agency," and other enablers.


America's ombudsmen: whistleblowers under mass attack.


Members of Congress and 50 years of documented enablers.


U.S. media corporations and 50 years of documented enablers.


Corruption-fighting activist and his coterie of confidants.


Corruption-related terrorist attacks.


9/11 hijackings


Cover-Up enablers.


American public.




The deadly hoax upon the people by Israeli lobby and U.S. Politicians


Examples of how the corruption throughout the three branches of government affected others.